Swimwear Trends

Nothing screams “fun” quite like a sunny beach and bright, colorful swimwear. For most of us, the perfect definition of a summer escapade would be a day out having fun at the beach or by the poolside, basking in the gorgeous warmth of the sun. Springtime is a whole season of building up to the magnificence of Summer. And now that, summer’s here, it’s time for all the beach-side beauties to unleash their inner child. If you love the Summer and the beach, you’ll love the list of swimwear trends. Who says you can’t have fun and turn heads at the same time?

Swimwear Trends:
Sporty: Fit has always been in style, and it’s no different in the case of swimwear. Summer is the perfect time for getting some sporty bikini and unveil the summer body you have been working for all spring. These stylish swimsuits perfectly accentuate the results of those grueling hours at the gym, complementing your physique perfectly. You can choose your favorite from a rich variety of options. Calvin Klein has it’s black bralette swimwear tops and matching hipster bottoms priced at £37 and £32 respectively.
Creative Cutouts: Stand out from the crowd in these funky monokinis. Tailored to the shape of your natural, womanly curves, the subtle swimwear pieces do away with the pinching and puckering. Another great feature of this swimwear is its snug fit, which allows you to splash around in the water to your heart’s content without the fear of a wardrobe mishap. Try out the Proenza Schouler Molded One-Piece Swimsuit available for $525.

Mix & Match: Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with the contrasting colors and patterns of different two-piece swimwear The possibilities are endless as you get to choose your winning combination, and look fantastic while at you’re at it. Check out the Tsarina Set by Gabi Fresh, priced at $68.60.

Lingerie: Lingerie details aren’t exclusive to the confines of the bedroom anymore. Swimsuits with cute Swiss dots, sheer panels, sweet scalloping and lace edging are a popular swimwear trend nowadays. Do choose materials that can withstand the sun while you turn up the heat at the beach.

Frills: Frills are making a huge comeback this year and are guaranteed a warm welcome among the ladies. Classic decorations are excellent at spreading your good-girl vibes. Additionally, the unique look of the frills adds an extra dimension to your beachside experience and boosts your feminine appeal. Be sure to check out the Flounce bonded swimsuit priced at £330 from Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Geometric Patterns: Another prominent swimwear trend of 2016 is the geometric patterns. Whether it is the triangular stripes, different squares or circular shapes, there’s a pattern to win over the heart of any girl. Geometric patterns certainly are a bit different from the standard designs and therefore, have soon become a popular choice for women worldwide. If you fancy some geometry at the beach, Missoni’s Bandeau swimsuits will be an excellent choice at £287.

These are some of the top trends in swimwear for the year. Feel free to experiment, because that’s the way you’ll nail your best outfit for the sand and the sun. 

Adidas partners with Kanye West launching a new Brand YEEZY


Adidas, the Giant brand of sportswear in the global market is moving ahead at a stake partnering with the rap mogul-Kanye West. Adidas is launching YEEZY, a new brand combination of Adidas and Kanye West. The new brand YEEZY is an entity of footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Kanye West-the rap singer has turned to be a designer which indeed is a significant partnership for Adidas

Adidas has started a long-term partnership with the rap singer turned designer Kanye West aiming to revive its business in US market. Adidas accepts that such deal is a significant partnership for Adidas that is done between a sports brand and a non-athlete. With this significant partnership, Adidas would develop beyond the current focus on lifestyle and introduce new sports performance design apparels. Adidas has plans for new stores that would sell West’s YEEZY brand products in the market.


Adidas aims to create new stores with the significant partnership and compete with Nike

  • With the new partnership, the notable element is the creation of the stores.
  • Adidas had lured Kanye West from Nike in the year 2013 and is now in hope to enhance the collaboration for further tractions that would be gainful against its rival.
  • As per the records, Nike is still dominating over Adidas in sportswear sales in North America.
  • Adidas is able to capture $3 billion of the market in 2015 whereas its rival was able to accumulate $15 billion in the economic year.

Adidas bears high stake with this partnership

  • As per the reports, the stakes are indeed high for Adidas and Kanye West as it is considered as the most significant partnership between an athlete brand and a non-athlete.
  • Adidas expects to achieve success with the partnership and formation of YEEZY that is a limited release line of apparel and high-end sneakers that are designed by newly turned designer, rapper Kanye West.
  • The last year proves the concept of the viability of the mainstream line of the co-branded products.
  • The YEEZY Boost 750 is gray suede high-tops pricing $350 is being sold in the secondary market in thousands of dollar.
  • This has been responsible for increasing the share of Adidas in the said market by around 3000% which was recorded in last year.
  • celebrity-airport-style-61

Such partnerships go rarely successful

  • The idea of involving any entertainer with the sportswear brand was almost non-existing a decade back as because there are few records of success case studies with such attempts.
  • For such studies, examples of Kate Hudson with Spandex and Rihanna with Puma can be taken.
  • The sales of branded athlete shoes have witnessed no or small alternations with such partnerships.

West not only would design the sportswear but also the regular on-street wears

  • The new products of Adidas + Kanye West can be found in the traditional Adidas retailing outlets along the stores that are the partners of the brands.
  • This new partnering wouldn’t be limited within athletic wear as Kanye West intends to make his unique idea of designing spread on the streets and not only get limited within the athletic wears.
  • Adidas for maintaining its previous impression would run its previous business unit including the dedicated staffs that are based in the North American head quarter of Adidas in Portland.

Till yet Adidas spokeswoman has denied to provide the financial details of the partnership and how long the partnership would run.